Database Acquisition

Consistently grow a database of your best customers to drive sales. The size of your database and how you use it directly correlates to your revenue.

Leverage Digital Marketing

If you're a restaurant owner looking for a way to take sales to the next level, our Database Acquisition program that leverages digital marketing with Facebook ads and messenger bots is great way to boost revenue.

Think about it, where are your target customers? Right here, just like you, on their phones or laptops using social networks. That’s how we connect these days. Look around and you’ll see the majority of people on their phones right now.

Our Database Acquisition system allows us to target your ideal clients using social media, track ROI, and capture their info for re-targeting. TV, radio, mailers and even billboard ads can be helpful with branding, but you can’t measure your ROI and that’s critical for growth. That’s why direct marketing is so great for generating sales. If something isn’t working we can adjust in real time.

Case Study


We recently brought back an additional 16K for a client, in one month, and the results have stayed consistent month over month.

The graphic highlights some of the digital marketing areas that blew our client’s mind when compared to the traditional marketing methods they had been relying on.

Reach More Customers

Our Facebook ad campaign reached 53,983 people within 7 miles of our client’s location, each potential customer saw the ads approximately 7 times. Cost per click was $0.33. Overall, we generated $6,688.42 in direct online orders, with an additional $10,000 in walk-in and phone orders. The campaign we ran also gathered 368 new messenger subscribers, with a 99% message open rate.

Facebook Page Likes 600+

At campaign launch page likes were at 960 and jumped to 1,576

How Well Do You Know Your Target?

Do Your Posts Have This Much Engagement?

Looking at the interaction on the ad by way of the comments you can see the traction we’re getting. Each comment is a new customer that is opting in and agreeing to let us send offers to their messenger feed. Imagine how effective a text offer could be a key times, like lunch or before a big game? The opportunities are endless.


We’ll Show You How It’s Done

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