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How to record Voice Memos for iPhone

Launch the Voice Memos App
*Voice Memo may be located in the Utilities or Extras folder.

Watch the video below to see these steps in action

  1. Tap the record button. It’s the big red circle. Tap the stop button to stop the recording at any time.

  2. Tap the stop button to stop the recording at any time. If you want to continue with the same recording, you can hit record again.

  3. Tap Done when you are satisfied with your recording.

  4. Type a name into the field if you wish to name your recording.

  5. Tap Save. Or tap Delete if you want to trash the recording.

 How to share Voice Memos for iPhone

  1. Tap the recording you’d like to share. In the video example we are sharing the video we just made called “New Recording”, and we are going to email it using Gmail.

  2. Tap the share button on the bottom left of the screen. It’s the box with the upward arrow.

  3. Tap the method by which you’d like to share your Voice Memo and proceed as normal with your chosen method.

Video Demo:

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