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Digital Marketing is key to business growth


Digital marketing has evolved at an astounding rate, and business owners often struggle to balance the time to keep up with the constantly changing trends.

There was a time where most marketing budgets were dedicated to website design and development, but unless you’re a savvy web marketer, your website can get lost in the sea of competition. Just Google your top product or service and if you’re not on the first page you’ll see what I mean. And even if you are seeing your products on Google’s first page, tracking your website’s ROI is almost impossible. That’s why business owners really need to leverage a digital marketing campaign.

Why digital marketing is so important

Digital marketing offers business owners the advantage of presenting their products and services to their ideal target audience without relying on a Google search or any other traditional (non track-able) advertising.

Your products and services are integrated into social media accounts or premium placement in Google search results, and more importantly you are able track and measure your investment, even in real time.

It’s critical for business growth to understand what’s working in marketing budgets. Successful business owners understand it takes money to make money, and by leveraging a digital marketing campaign, business owners not only see their ROI, track leads in real time, they’re also building a new audience of potential clients to re-target for future opportunities. Over time your campaign investment will grow exponentially.

Hire a Pro or do it yourself?

Obviously we’re going to recommend that you hire a pro, but you can learn to do this on your own. Your ROI may not be as good as the pros, but if your budget is tight and you have the time to learn, give it a shot. If you’re not happy with your results give the pros a try. The info-graphic below is a case study that shows the results of a certified Google partner vs a business owner with intermediate level AdWords skills.

The business owner with intermediate AdWord skills wasn’t happy with his results and decided to test us out for a month.  We are Google Certified and our AdWords guru used his skills to turn an ROI of over 400%.


Digital Marketing Case Study

Digital Marketing with a pro equals more business growth

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