Strategy & Planning
Your business is our passion. We utilize our creativity, knowledge and expertise to create a customized internet strategy based on your individual needs, goals and unique challenges.
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Design & Develop
Based on your individual needs, our ideas take shape and begin to come to life. A Website, Seach Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are developed around your brand. Potential realized.
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Monitor & Optimize
The goal of advertising is a positive return. We focus our attention on what generates the most ROI while employing tracking software to monitor and optimize your overall internet presence.
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By now everyone is aware that the social media space has taken off and it's not planning on slowing down anytime soon. There's a long list of reasons why social media is important for your business. For some, the most attractive quality is the free or low cost brand recognition social media platforms offer. read more »

Why Your Business Needs a Google+ Page

Posted in: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media
As Google looks to solidify it's place in the social world, it's clear that the network is evolving into a powerful business tool. Unlike Facebook, that most use for socializing or Twitter for sharing links, Google+ has the added advantage of providing valuable SEO incentives to businesses represented on their network. read more »

Online Review Sites Making Huge Impact on Small Businesses

Posted in: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media
If youíre a small business owner and youíre not using online review sites like Google Places and Yelp, youíre doing yourself an enormous disservice! Many businesses are not only changing the way they market to include these sites, they are transforming their businesses by doing so. Consumers are flocking to these sites and relying on them heavily to choose where they spend their money. I run into at least a handful of small business owners daily who canít stop talking about what online reviews have done for their business. By 10:00 this morning, I had already listened to a local dentist preach about Yelp bringing him 2-3 new customers per week and a car repair shop praise Yelp and Google Places for getting a better return on any other marketing they had done in the past 20 years! read more »

Ultimate Landscape Transformation!

Posted in: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization
New Website DesignBrightWire Media would like to congratulate Gary Stone, Landscape Architect, on their new website! After over 20 years of word of mouth referrals and happy client testimonials bringing in the majority of their business, Gary Stone decided that a strong internet presence might boost that referral base by making it easier for business associates and clients to share the firm's exceptional work.